We will create positive social value.

President  Korea Foodbank kim soung-yee

President Korea FoodbankSoung-yee Kim

We will create positive social value.

Korea Foodbank was introduced in 1998 to address the hunger of vulnerable groups such as the homeless during the IMF financial crisis in Korea. Over the past two decades, Korea Foodbank has become an integral part of the nation's social welfare material resource delivery system, as well as serving as a social safety net by alleviating hunger among poor people. Last year, we distributed donated foods and household goods to 320,000 individual users and 12,000 social welfare facilities nationwide.

In line with the UN SDG 2: ‘Zero Hunger,’ Korea Foodbank will now go beyond Korea and join forces to end hunger around the world. The Korea Foodbank Model is an optimized model that can be applied to Asian countries with excellent public-private partnerships of diverse parties including central and local governments, donor companies, and NGOs. Through the Korea Foodbank Dissemination Project, we will not only ease hunger in Asia but also help create a donation culture in the world.

As a cooperative partner of the Global Foodbanking Network, Korea Foodbank will fulfill our responsibility for zero hunger and community development and do our best to create a global community culture.

Thank you.

President Korea Foodbanksoung-yee kim