International Exchange Project

Korea Foodbank Model Dissemination Project

Food bank helps the local community free from their hunger. Partnering with food banks around the globe, the Korea Foodbank network has been disseminating Korea’s food bank model to Asian countries since 2019. We introduce the operating method and network system of the Korea Foodbank and encourage food banks to be localized in the region by means of guidance on food donation legislation through inter-government agreements, human exchanges, and invitational training for officials involved. We hope that food banks will ease hunger among people and promote the donation culture in the community.

Activity directions

  • Work together and build partnerships with Asian countries through the dissemination of the Korea Foodbank model
  • Boost people-to-people exchanges and link to donor companies through organic networking with food banks around the world
  • Endeavor to achieve SDG 2 "Zero Hunger"

Major project activities

  • Foodbank Establishment and Advancement
    • Selection of food bank partners
    • Investigation of local needs
    • Support for preparing a project plan
    • Identification of donor companies and promotion to users and donors
  • Strengthening networking function
    • Human exchanges and information exchanges with overseas food banks, including the Global FoodBanking Network

International Partners for the Model Dissemination Project

  • Mongolia Interview with Mongolian local community Signed an MOU
    • Establish local TFT (Government-NGO-Academic experts)
    • Conduct a community survey (4 districts in Ulaanbaatar)
    • Interview with food companies and NGOs
    • Signed an MOU between Korea National Council on Social Welfare and General Office for Labour and Welfare Services
    • Support Mongolia Food bank’s project development plan
  • Vietnam Signing ceremony of the MOU Signed an MOU
    • Signed a MOU between Korea National Council on Social Welfare (KNCSW) and Department of Social Assistance of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs
    • Field survey and project development planning scheduled